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MB Attorney Search will partner in your job search delivering coaching and consulting expertise, as well as professionalism that you can trust. Our national network of clients will put your resume on the top of the pile for consideration.

Attorney Job Search Services

MB Attorney Search offers over 25 years of recruiting, coaching, and consulting expertise to high performing attorneys. Our reputation is built on deep client relationships and a trusted reputation that will put your name on the top of the list with firms that are a good match for your expertise and goals. 

The MB Attorney Search difference:

Lateral recruitment has become more strategic than ever before in law firm hiring history. Today’s firms are analyzing long-term cultural fit and client development skills with skeptical eyes. It is essential to know how to market yourself and gain valuable information in the process. Think about the extensive preparation that goes into a complex trial or merger. 

Why would you prepare any less for a strategic career move? Here’s how MB Attorney Search can help:

  1. Assess your career goals, marketability, and, if relevant, client base portability.
  2. Sharpen your resume, and if necessary, craft a business plan.
  3. Identify firms that align well with your client base and practice area.
  4. Prep you for every step of the interview.
  5. Navigate the complexities of the firm’s lateral questionnaire (partners only).
  6. Guide you through the conflict check process.
  7. Negotiate any reasonable terms for an offer.

We are seeking experienced attorneys that have:

★ Earned a J.D. from ABA-accredited law school and graduated with an impressive academic record, preferably with honors.

★ One or more years of experience as a practicing lawyer.

★ A book of portable business for Partner-level candidates.

★ Excellent professional references.

★ Most importantly, is ethical, honest and forthright in your work experience and where you’ve already submitted your resume. If we discover that you’ve misled us in any way, we will immediately withdraw you from our client’s consideration.

What practice areas do you work with?

We have placed attorneys with a broad range of niches in both transactional and litigation practice areas. If our clients do not have an immediately open position, but we feel your background might be of interest to our client, we will market your background to them. Our clients trust our judgment and will give serious consideration to candidates that we bring forth to them. We have made several successful placements as a result.

Can we help you find a new job as a lawyer?

We can and we do! The employers we work with are national, regional and local law firms that service large and small corporations. Our employers are seeking attorneys that have achieved both academic and professional success, are motivated and driven to handle complex legal matters, and willing to take the extra mile to meet their needs. MB Attorney Search is extremely selective with the attorneys that we choose to work with. Because our employer clients, not the candidate, pay the placement fee for the talent we bring to them. When helping attorneys find a position, it’s in everyone’s best interest to make sure it’s a great fit that will benefit both our client and the candidate.

Helping Attorneys Find the Perfect Job

At MB Attorney we view attorney placement as a vocation – a calling to help attorneys to not only further their professional careers, but also make a positive impact on their life and well-being of their family.

Founder of MB Attorney Search, Michelle Bigler, has built her reputation on high ethical standards, a deep professional network, and a distinct intuition that understands significant career moves and strategic hiring. Known for honesty and candor, a MB Attorney Search recruiter will never pressure you into accepting a job offer.

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