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MB Attorney Search Firm recruiters offer a uniquecombination of professionalism, high ethical standards, open communication,integrity, and dedication to the highest quality legal recruitment practices.MB Attorney Search embraces each legal search as a unique opportunity topositively impact an individual’s career and an organization’s strategic businessobjectives. MB Attorney Search offers a wide range of services that includeAssociate Attorney, In-House Attorney, and Partner Recruitment and Placement,Consulting for Law Firm Mergers, and Attorney Career Coaching.

Michelle Bigler, founder ofMB Attorney Search has over 20 years of law firm recruitment experience and hasplaced all levels of attorneys in a wide range of practice areas and roles. Shehas a strong pulse on the legal industry recruiting trends, a deep clientnetwork, experience in high stakes negotiations, and extensive business acumento strategically match-up clients and candidates.


MB Attorney Search will partner in your job search delivering coaching and consulting expertise, as well as professionalism that you can trust. Your resume will not be released to a client without your express consent. Our national network of clients will put your resume on the top of the pile for consideration.
  • The last time you interviewed may have been as a second year law student for a summer associate position. As Bob Dylan famously sings, “The Times They are A-changin’”, which is certainly the case in the legal industry. Law firms today are rapidly becoming more strategic than ever before in lateral partner recruitment history. No longer is it enough to have a prestigious law firm behind your name and a solid portable book of business. Today firms are analyzing long-term cultural fit and client development skills with skeptical eyes. It is essential to be prepared to market yourself and present a rock solid case. Think about the time and preparation that goes into preparing for your toughest trial or most complex merger. Why would you prepare any less for a strategic career move?

    Partner level interview is certainly much more complex than when you were an associate. In addition to submitting a resume and interviewing, it will involve completing the firm’s lateral partner questionnaire (LPQ) and passing your client list through a conflict check. In order to speed up the process, from the onset a well crafted business plan is a useful tool in providing a prospective firm an overview of your practice, client development network, billing history, and reason for making a move. Providing key information upfront, the recruiting process can be significantly streamlined and serious conversation can take place (or not) soon thereafter.

    Michelle at MB Attorney Search will assist you with drafting the plan by asking the tough questions, drilling down on the types of industries that you work with, and discussing with you in confidence your portable book and client development strategy that you will carry forward to your next firm. While this may seem like a time consuming and unnecessary process, writing a business plan will focus your job search and equip you to better market yourself. There is something concrete about putting a pen to paper (or fingers to a keyboard) that creates a clearer picture of what your goals are. The business plan is the foundation for discussing various law firm cultures and exploring what firms pique your interest.

    Once you have landed an interview, Michelle will prep you for the meetings. In way it is interviewing 101; however, the approach to partner-level interviewing is much different than when you were an associate. You may have conducted 100s of interviews at your current firm and even served on the recruiting committee; however, being on the opposite side of the boardroom table is a much different experience and preparation is key for a successful outcome. Whether you join the firm or not, you always want to always leave a positive impression.
  • After having a few years of experience under your belt, you are at a crucial moment in your career when you decide whether your current firm is a long-term fit for you. You may be getting calls from headhunters that are putting the proverbial carrot before the horse, so you think maybe it istime to look around. Is the grass that much greener? Will your path to partnership be more realistic at another firm? Will you make more money without sacrificing a personal life? Will you get the mentoring and professional development opportunities that are promised?

    Asking insightful, long-term, and big-picture questions are important, but many associates are unsure what questions to ask and how to get the answers. This is when Michelle Bigler of MB Attorney Search comes in. With over two decades of legal industry experience, Michelle’s knowledge of both regional and national markets, deep client relationships, and a tenacious reputation for honesty and ethical business practices is what sets Michelle apart from the competition.

    As a candidate working with Michelle Bigler, an associate will receive guidance on the cultural fit of various law firms. She will assess your career goals and guide you on options in the market. She will provide interview and resume coaching and walk you through every step of the hiring process with the end goal of negotiating the best compensation package possible. You will be kept informed on the recruitment process and receive feedback on how to improve yourself for future opportunities. Michelle has negotiated hundreds of lateral associate deals and has extensive experience with studying lateral recruiting market trends. She is invested in making what can be a time-consuming job search into an efficient and rewarding experience for the Associate Attorney.

  • Whether you area mid-level Associate Attorney looking to work a more set schedule, a Senior Partner that would like to be more involved with the operations side of a company, or an in-house attorney looking to make a change, joining a privately or publicly held entity can be a tremendous career move if you know what questions to ask yourself and the company with which you are interviewing.MB Attorney Search asks those tough questions and will explore your motivations and your career end-goals.

    Interviewing with a company typically has a much different flow than interviewing with a law firm.  Often times the job description is broad in nature, so you are meeting with several individuals that have very different motivations for the position that they are trying to fill. Navigating those interviews, from the initial HR interview to the most senior CEO, is challenging to say the least! Having worked with all aspects of corporations, Michelle at MB Attorney Search will guide you through the process and assist you with negotiating an attractive compensation package.


MB Attorney Search provides a customized candidate search to identify only the most appropriate talent for your organization. We not only view our role as filling positions. We actively market your organization, laying the groundwork for future hiring needs.

We will only submit to you the most highly qualified candidates that meet your hiring criteria and fit your cultural values. MB Attorney Search studies trends in the legal industry daily. It’s our passion and we view as essential to be effective partners in business objectives. Industry knowledge is learned through our research, will be shared to benefit your organization.

  • Lateral Partner hiring is a delicate balance of identifying partners that will grow your current firm’s business, mesh well with your existing partners, the compensation plan, and overall strategic business objective of the firm.

    The competition for Partners with significant portable books is fierce, and they typically have several options. Identifying the key factors that differentiates your firm is important. Do you offer a generous bonus structure? Do you have a prestigious client base or particular expertise within your walls that the lateral partner could cross-market? Michelle at MB Attorney Search will help you develop marketing and hiring strategies that work. Michelle knows what questions to ask and will assist you in navigating the entire process. Only the candidates that we believe will have a strong synergy within your culture will be presented to you.

    Today’s law firm mergers are more common than ever before. Competition is fierce and joining forces can broaden your market and it can ensure your client base is taken care of long after you retire. Whether it be for business succession planning reasons or expanding your business, it can be highly profitable to join a larger platform. Dissect the law firm culture, client development philosophy, client conflicts, leadership’s management style, and etc. is important to determine fit. Many mergers have failed due to risk adverse partners who view the merger as threatening to the livelihood of their practice. It is important to have clear objectives, address any concerns, and provide strong leadership through the process.

    Michelle Bigler of MB Attorney search will guide both parties down the path, serving as resource and liaison in the conversation discussing your business strategy, financial performance, marketing approach, and other potentially conflicting issues.
  • Associate recruitment is typically the common way a law firm grows. Unfortunately, it is still a buyers market and many talented mid-level Associates in several practice areas are in high demand and require innovative approaches to attract and recruit them.

    MB Attorney Search will serve as a trusted advisor informing you of legal recruitment trends and assisting you with customizing your search to find attorneys that will thrive in your particular company or law firm culture. Michelle is selective of the candidates that she represents and will only present candidates that she 100% endorses.
  • If you are a company that has never hired legal staff before, MB Attorney Search will serve as a resource to you providing guidance on compensation expectations, recruitment processes, and infrastructure needs. If you are expanding your in-house group, MB Attorney Search will customize the search according to your specific needs. Michelle Bigler will personally interview every candidate and will represent only the most qualified candidates. Michelle sees her role as partnering with you and the candidate, providing feedback and moving the process along so that the position can be filled efficiently, and you can get back to the business of doing what you do best.
  • Lateral Integration Program

    ConsultantNow that you’ve hired the perfect attorney for your practice, your job is not finished yet. Integrating and mentoring the lateral attorney is essential for the new hire to meet his/her potential. Michelle Bigler offers attorney mentoring programs and lateral integration programs. As a result, her clients have reduced attorney attrition and have saved thousands of dollars. Contact Michelle to learn more about her programs and how she can assist you with streamlining your lateral recruitment and integration process.

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