Attorney & Legal Recruiting: Kansas City & St. Louis, MO


Missouri is home to some of the friendliest people in the United States. The state boasts the best BBQ and roasted ravioli and some of the most affordable places to live. Global corporations in the manufacturing, technology, health care, and financial sector call Missouri home, and as a result, there is a plethora of career opportunities and a low unemployment rate. 

Legal market

Reflecting the economic strengths of the “Show Me” state, Missouri is also known to have two fantastic legal markets: Kansas City and St. Louis are major metropolitan areas that boast offices of several Am Law 100 and Am Law 200 law firms, as well as highly sophisticated boutique law firms. Modest Midwest billing rate structures, lower overhead costs, and a wide range of legal practice expertise make these law firms very attractive to large corporate clients.  

Despite being a smaller market city, several law firms offer their attorneys competitive salaries that are comparable to much larger market cities, making the legal job market filled with fantastic opportunities. Market compensation that is on par with larger legal markets and client development opportunities in your backyard means there are plenty of ways to build your practice and book of business. Both Kansas City and St. Louis are competing for top talent and there are not enough attorneys to go around, so law firms tend to be open to outsiders, attorneys who are relocating, or attorneys working remotely.   

The HOT practice areas

Corporate law remains hot across several jurisdictions, and St. Louis and Kansas City are no exception.  Attorneys with experience in corporate mergers & acquisitions and corporate securities are in demand. Intellectual property is another area that is overflowing with opportunities. With fantastic medical research institutions around both Kansas City and St. Louis, health law is a consistent area of need. Labor & employment, tax, and patent litigation round out the need for expertise in these areas.

Attorneys who wish to land an in-house legal position have ample opportunities to do so at many of the Fortune 500, Fortune 100, and many other, corporations. 

Using a legal headhunter

Navigating the Kansas City and St. Louis legal employment market efficiently and effectively is important. If you are qualified for a large corporate law firm or in-house position (i.e., have a strong academic record, sophisticated law firm experience), using a legal headhunter that understands the Kansas City and St. Louis market will streamline your job search time, educate you on the various firm cultures, and assist you with transitioning to a new role. Well-versed legal headhunters study the market and have relationships with employers that will open up doors to the hidden job market. Working with an experienced legal headhunter to help you navigate the legal market can be immensely beneficial.

If you’re looking to build a richer, more diverse team, MB Attorney Search will help you find the legal talent you need. If you’re seeking an attorney position, MB Attorney Search is a legal headhunter that will guide your path. They offer over 25 years of experience with recruiting the top talent in the field and helping law firms and companies hire stellar associate attorneys throughout the Midwest.


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