Someone once said, “Great things never come from comfort zones.” In just a matter of a few short weeks, COVID-19 crisis has moved our country outside of its comfort zone. The unemployment rate went from the lowest point in history to the highest point since the Great Depression as suddenly as the flick of a light bulb that burned out.

Today there’s more talent available than ever before. Yes, it will be much easier to hire in the coming months, but identifying top-notch talent that will thrive in your organization will remain a challenge. Those organizations that do their due diligence now, asking the hard questions about the underlying traits of your top-notch employees will be at a competitive advantage.

When talent is at an all-time surplus, it’s easy to make hiring decisions based on pedigree, gut-feelings, or an impressive resume. Unfortunately, superficial decision making does not predict whether or not the talent will be successful within your organization.

Save countless dollars by hiring a good match for your law firm

The cost of mis-hiring is staggering. Several case studies say the cost of a mis-hire is three times that employee’s annual compensation. In “real terms”, if you hire an attorney with a $150,000 base salary, and three years later the attorney walks out the door – you’ve just watched $450,000 walk out the door. Ouch! That hurts!

What is it? What makes your organization truly unique and attractive to top-notch talent? Cultural initiatives, like Taco Tuesday, flexible workdays, or benefits packages attract top talent but do not engage an employee long term.

Pinpointing what motivates star employees takes an analysis of their individual makeup. What personality traits, values, and behaviors do these employees exhibit and how is that tied with the mission of your organization. Interview them. Ask them why they feel they thrive under your organization. What motivates them to do their very best work. Personality traits and behaviors are the consistent defining factor that will predict success.

Iron sharpens iron, as they say. Once you align your company’s mission with the core competencies of your individual employees, and you weed out those that do not mesh, your company will be unstoppable. The soul of a company motivates top-notch talent to do their best work. It’s figuring out that unification of talent and the company’s mission that will put your organization on a path to future growth, stability, and profitability.

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